Blue Christmas – Single

“Christmas is a time for happiness and it is also a time for sadness, qualities that songs for this time of the year seek to reflect. This aim is movingly achieved by Kelley Suttenfield in a lovely performance of “Blue Christmas”, which subtly blends these elements of joy and sorrow. An absolute delight.” — JAZZ MOSTLY

“When she…lets her throaty, shadowy voice simply fall in the right places, Suttenfield is without peer.” — AXS

“It’s difficult to get the famous Elvis Presley record out of my head because it rears its head every year at this time. Finally, someone has conquered it and remade it, devoid of any cheese factor and with no bitter aftertaste… Kelley Suttenfield has a minor field day grabbing onto it and, with the wise Sheridan, bringing out its assets as a plaintive admission of sorrow.” — TALKIN’ BROADWAY