Where Is Love?

“Here’s a singer with a lot of great ideas, and the ability to deliver them. It’s her debut disc, and the closest thing I can compare it to is Madeleine Peyroux’s debut Dreamland, way back when. It’s got the same feel…Give me more!” Full review… – George W. Harris, JazzWeekly

Kelley Suttenfield – Where Is Love?
“Smoky, sultry fumes emanate from Kelley Suttenfield’s vocals like liquid fire. Here’s a gal who puts her entire being into the songs cradling the lyrics in her vocals and stoking the embers in the verses with a velvety touch. Her latest CD Where Is Love?, a question which many people are on the search to find the answer to, is Suttenfield’s debut record as a solo artist. Performing an array of cover tunes with a torchlight glisten including Stanley Turpentine’s “Sugar,” Betty Carter’s “Open The Door,” and Henry Mancini’s “Charade.” Suttenfield encourages the listener to delve into an imaginary sanctuary filled with tender arias and angelic hues.” Full review… – Susan Frances, JazzTimes

5.0 out of 5 stars – Kelley Suttenfield – Where Is Love? – Rhombus Records 2009
“Kelley Suttenfield has a very cool and sensual vocal style. The opening number ‘Sugar’ displays her talents to the max. She treats the lyrics as though she owns them. A swinging quality is apparent in this number as Suttenfield takes the circuitous journey from tender to strong ideation. ‘West Coast Blues’ is as hip as it gets, Suttenfield is on this tune like she means every word in the lyrics and that is the secret of getting a tune off the ground and into orbit. Add a bit of nice scatting and you have the makings of a very fine jazz number sung by a very fine jazz singer. ‘I Fall In Love Too Easily.’ This song will melt your heart and go straight to your soul. Suttenfield lays it on the line and leaves nothing to the imagination as she balladizes with the best of them. A nice band and a superb singer make this recording a worthwhile addition to any jazzophiles collection. 5 stars.” – John Gilbert, eJazzNews.com

KELLEY SUTTENFIELD (Where Is Love?) Rhombus Records
“Suttenfield and her band give a superb performance with this session of familiar songs; the creative ideas shown here indicate a deep appreciation for what’s most important in modern jazz.” Full review… – Jim Santella, L.A. Jazz Scene

Kelley Suttenfield, Where is Love? (Rhombus)
“This debut CD by Virginia native Kelley Suttenfield, now based in the Big Apple, is a fine illumination for her charming voice – and of her eclectic musical tastes and influences. Straight-ahead jazz, The Beatles, classic country and country-pop tunes, a touch of Brazilia, with some Great American Songbook and movie soundtrack items thrown in for good measure. All get a strong jazz treatment from Suttenfield and quartet. Favorites: Her takes on Stanley Turrentine’s “Sugar,” “Twilight Time,” an uptempo revision of Bobby Gentry’s “Ode to Billy Joe,” a breezy take on Betty Carter’s classic “Open the Door” and Wes Montgomery’s “West Coast Blues.” Another treat: the dazzling electric guitar work of Jesse Lewis on five tracks, most notably “Sugar” and the very hip “West Coast Blues.” – Ken Frankling, Ken Frankling’s Jazz Notes

“Where Is Love? (Rhombus – 7089) is an adventurous first album from vocalist KELLEY SUTTENFIELD. She has an eclectic lineup of songs, and has the imagination to render them with unexpected approaches that are simultaneously surprising and engaging…Her voice is mellow and on the dusky side, appealing and easy on the ears. There is usually a tendency to call a first album promising, but this young lady is a thoroughly mature performer who has set the bar rather high for her next recording.” Full review… – Joe Lang, Jersey Jazz

5.0 out of 5 stars “Smoky, Intensely Musical New Jazz Artist”
“Kelley Suttenfield is a jazz vocalist unafraid to breakdown a few barriers. Coming to this first CD – WHERE IS LOVE? – with a strong background in theater arts as well as classical piano and more, Kelley easily takes to the jazz field with an intense musicality that serves her well in every song in this collection. She feels right at home with the relaxed, effortless production of a dusky soprano that explores the lyrics of her songs, bringing more to the words than most stylists. ..But in addition to all of the aspects that make her an artist to notice on her first album, simply melt away with her duet with Michael Cabe’s piano in her soulful ‘I Fall in Love Too Easily.’ Or join her and her fellow musicians in a one of the best versions of ‘Ode to Billy Joe’ ever recorded.” Full review… – Grady Harp, Amazon Top 10 Reviewer

Kelley Suttenfield – WHERE IS LOVE?
“This November 2009 release from Kelley is among the better releases from female jazz vocalists for ’09… her voice has a rich, full-throat projection that reaches right out & grabs you where your heart is. Excellent players with her keep the music behind her strong singing well jazzified… Michael Cabe does piano & Fender Rhodes, electric guitar by Jesse Lewis, acoustic guitar from Tony Romano, bass from Matt Aronoff and drums/Tablas by Brian Adler all work together to make for a most interesting listen, no doubt. The arrangements on ‘Ode To Billie Joe’ breathe new life into that tune & clearly put it in the jazz realm… definitely Suttenfield’s own interpretation and style… I loved it! If you’re in the mood for something a bit more pensive, try Kelley’s rendition of ‘Charade’… some excellent guitar and bass behind her. My favorite piece, though, was the swingin’ ‘West Coast Blues’… Full of fun and high spirit, ‘Where Is Love’ gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from these ol’ ears.” Full review… – Rotcod Zzaj, IMPROVIJAZZATION NATION

Kelley Suttenfield: Where Is Love? (2007 [2009], Rhombus):
“Standards singer, based in New York, probably young, debut album, backed by piano-guitar-bass-drums… Has an exceptionally nice voice, measured delivery with nothing terribly idiosyncratic about it…Most effective was “My One and Only Love”… B+.” Full review… – Tom Hull, Jazz Prospecting

“…Into this situation arrives another newcomer, Kelley Suttenfield, and her debut “Where Is Love” (Rhombus). She is not at all typical of the overproduction we endure. First of all, she is dead-on musical, with a pure but slightly smokey lower register and a bell-like upper. She varies her delivery in ways that sound natural and unforced. There are no self-consciously mannerist attempts to over-interpret the song materials. That is most refreshing…Kelley Suttenfield has a most pleasant, unforced artistry that makes this record a very rewarding listen. May she be well-received!” Full review…– Grego Applegate Edwards, GapplegateMusic.com

 Music Review: Kelley Suttenfield – Where Is Love?
“It takes some real chutzpah to tackle a song that’s nailed into the consciousness of a whole generation like a rusty thermometer on a barn door, but Suttenfield does a good job with it. Her smokey voice with a bit of added twang fits perfectly into the mood…Overall, a nice debut for Kelley Suttenfield, one that’s well worth consideration by any jazz fan.” Full review…– “Big Geez,” Blogcritics Music

REVIEW: Kelley Suttenfield’s “Where Is Love?”
“…Where Is Love? (Rhombus) is an album by someone who loves to sing, loves the song she sings, and has the willingness to share her talents with the world…Her take of “Twilight Time”, made famous by The Platters, may be the song that takes her out of jazz circles and into a broader audience, as it has a touch that could uplift her to bigger levels of success. That’s not to say the other material is less worthy, but “Twilight Time” is an R&B and rock’n’roll standard that she brings into her own scope, and it’s a perfect marriage of someone with a soothing voice and sentiment. The bond is… I wanted to say incredible but a word like that tends to bring expectations. I say just listen and tell me you don’t hear the perfect marriage of something effectively working.” Full review… – John Book, This is Book’s Music

Kelley Suttenfield – Where Is Love? (Rhombus), Released – November 3, 2009
“Mellow, warm and inviting, Kelley Suttenfield’s “Where Is Love” is an outstanding debut from this New York-based singer. It’s an eclectic mix of selections on this offering – from a funky “Ode to Billy Joe,” through an Indian (Eastern) rendition of the jazz classic “Nature Boy,” to a very standard rendition of Mancini/Mercer’s “Charade”…And while I might have preferred a suite of songs that hangs together a little more cohesively, there’s really not a clunker in the bunch. Ms. Suttenfield demonstrates not only great range in her vocal stylings, but also in the emotional buttons to hit in order to make all these varied pieces work. Ms. Suttenfield is worth watching, and decidedly worth listening to. This first recording from her is highly recommended.” Full review… – Doug Boynton, girlsingers.org

 Kelley Suttenfield – Where Is Love?
“Kelley has a soft voice that reminds us of good ole southern charm on tunes like “Twilight Time”. We enjoyed “Open the Door” and “And I Love Her”, with a strong piano solo from Michael Cabe. We sang along on “Ode to Billy Joe”… Suttenfield put her soft airy voice through the paces on Where Is Love? answering the question a dozen times in many ways.” Full review… – D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Magazine

 Kelley Suttenfield – Where Is Love?
“Aki szereti a Nora Jones, Diana Krall és társaik által művelt területekről érkező zenét, annak minden bizonnyal tetszeni fog Kelley Suttenfield bemutatkozó produkciója is. Személy szerint bízom abban, hogy az énekesnő nem fog eltűnni az első lemez után a süllyesztőben…” Full review… – Mihály Czékus, Hi-Fi Piac Portál

Where Is Love? Kelley Suttenfield, vocals.
“…Kelley Suttenfield brings a sweetness and sincerity to a dozen most familiar melodies including “Charade,” “West Coast Blues” and “My One and Only Love”…On the other hand, the inclusion of Betty Carter’s obscure “Open the Door” was a welcome surprise. Reminiscent just a bit of Susannah McCorkle, Suttenfield eases her way into some vocals which will get your attention.” Full review… – George Fendel, Jazz Society of Oregon

“More of a sassy jazz vocalist than a cabaret act…Suttenfield is a youngster trying to latch on to an old tradition and put her stamp on things along the way…Fun, bouncy stuff that can easily be appreciated by neo-sophisticates even more than hipsters trying to keep up.” Full review… – Chris Spector, Editor, Midwest Record

“Kelley Suttenfield and her gang nail their flight of fancy with powerful attention to earthy modernism.” – John Shelton Ivany, Editor, Top 21, USA

Kelley Suttenfield: Finding Courage Inside (An Interview)
“Sometimes the greatest challenge for a singer is taking the leap into making a debut album. The exposure opens them up to receive public scrutiny and global adulation. For the artist, it is always impossible to predict how the public will react. Luckily for singer-songwriter Kelley Suttenfield, she has the vocal chops to attract hordes of people, the charisma to make a lasting impression on their minds, and a passionate delivery that can penetrate their hearts.” – Susan Frances, JazzReview.com PDF of full article