Among The Stars

“A warm, sensual and distinctive vocal sound marks Kelley Suttenfield as someone rather special in the somewhat overcrowded arena in which today’s jazz singers must perform.” – Bruce Crowther, Jazz Mostly

“A quiet delight that imperceptibly draws you in…It’s hard to imagine a more intimate and enjoyable disc.” – Ross Boissoneau, JAZZIZ Magazine

“A fresh collection of standards that should be considered one of the finest vocal releases of the year.” – Brent Black,

“Suttenfield and Romano make a lovely statement. Among The Stars is a real low-key charmer.” – Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz

“A lovely surprise package starting from the brilliant, sexy and out-of-time arrangement of “Fly Me To the Moon.” I’ve heard that song played and sung a million times or more, but NEVER like this. Beautiful. Heartfelt. Tender.” – Dee Dee McNeil,

A personal Top Ten of 2014 vocal albums [An Article]
“The combination of vocalist Kelley Suttenfield and guitarist Tony Romano is forged in musical heaven. Moody and mesmerizing, it is free of tricks and stunts. Spare and supple, their work cuts to the core of each well-chosen, mature romantic song. The environment they create is so addictive, I seem to have become incapable of moving on to another disc each time Among The Stars slips into my CD player and consciousness.” – Rob Lester, Talkin’ Broadway

Top 15 jazzy vocal albums of 2014: Get ‘em while they’re hot! [An Article]
The year 2014 produced so many outstanding jazz vocal albums, an annual Top 10 seems downright Grinchy… #8. Kelley Suttenfield’s Among The Stars (September 30, 2014) – Carol Banks Weber, AXS

“Suttenfield tackled Neil Young’s Harvest Moon in a way it’s never been sung before, breathy, wistful, at times exquisitely hesitant, thoughtful, dreamy, a lover’s smiling melancholy that balances memory with anticipation. If you don’t get misty-eyed listening to it, then check your pulse… I doubt there are half a dozen CDs like this in the country.” – Mark S. Tucker,

“Happily, romantically, that’s all we get—just the two of them—so we can concentrate on and relish each one’s very full gifts of communication. Co-stars here, they are both storytellers with song.” – Rob Lester, Talkin’ Broadway

“Kelley Suttenfield has more of a wispy warmth, and mixes it well with the classical guitar of Tony Romano…setting the stage for well thought vocalizing by the fireplace.” – George W. Harris,

“These are songs sung like you’ve not heard them before. In her hands they are awash with emotional intensity. They are performances you are not likely to forget.” – Jack Goodstein, Blogcritics Magazine

“She is an accomplished songbird of many colors.” – Marcia Hillman, New York City Jazz Record

“Suttenfield’s good at changing the vibe of a room by charging the ions with serious stakes. She’s not playing the melody as written. She’s going against the tide of the melody, weighting the lyrics with a layered depth — the equivalent of singing without a net.” – Carol Banks Weber, AXS

“The arrangements have beauty and the playing and singing are completely surrendered to the mood of the song. It’s music for reflection, for the quiet times after all the hustle of life. Kelley is a real artist. Tony is a real artist. Beautiful!” – Gregory Applegate Edwards

“A wonderfully intimate jazz vocalist, Suttenfield brings the singer/songwriter to the cabaret breathing new life into modern chestnuts of love and longing.” – Chris Spector, Midwest Record

“Among The Stars is a dreamy set of ten popular, romantic ballads….The arrangements are different and the unveiled approach exposes the natural character of both voice and guitar.” – D. Oscar Groomes, O’s Place Jazz Newsletter

“My pick for favorite of the ten tunes offered up was the beautiful Try Your Wings… a jazz vocal lover’s dream, to be sure!  I give Kelley and Tony a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating.” – Rotcod Zzaj, Improvijazznation Nation Magazine

“She can certainly deliver a song. Her clear articulation and sense of rhythm are apparent and she has chosen her material well.” – James Poore, MusicWeb International

“A very varied, pleasing selection, sung with a sweet and sometimes breathy voice, accompanied by sensitive, responsive guitar.” – Ann Alex, Bebop Spoken Here

“Hard to pick a song or the other because the disk is a compact unit into ten parts, beautiful at any time, that her singing Fly Me to the Moon, Harvest Moon or People Will Say We’re In Love.  Everything goes fast in the night lit by the stars of the disc title and the public just have to be enveloped by the hypnotic sounds of the two [translated].” – Vittorio Lo Conte, Music Zoom

Kelley Suttenfield, Tony Romano perform ‘Among The Stars’ CD Release Concert [An Interview]
“She chose to bare her soul in an all-acoustic collection of eclectic and timeless covers with guitarist Tony Romano. The daring move paid off.” – Carol Banks Weber, AXS

Kelley Suttenfield leads intimate tracks ‘Among The Stars’ [An Interview]
“Suttenfield went on record about her most creatively daring album yet, including her use of silence as the third instrument — a jazz reflex in only the best players.” – Carol Banks Weber, AXS